Where are the bottles made?

  • The bottles are created in Italy and the sandblasting is done by our artists in the Netherlands. We are delighted to offer these glass bottles from our Italian supplier because of the exquisite design of the bottles, and the unparalleled quality of the blue glass.

What type of etching process do you use?

  • The bottles are hand sandblasted by our gifted artists using special sandblasting equipment to create these beautiful images deep into the glass. Sandblasting is a labor intensive process which involves several steps and requires careful attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

How does sandblasting differ from acid-etching and machine etched bottles?

  • With sandblasting we can achieve a deeper etch which has a remarkably pleasing textile feel, whereas acid-etching only changes the surface texture and the bottle remains smooth. Machine-etched bottles can be quite nice, but we have found that they cannot match the depth and artistry of the hand sandblasting. In addition, acid etching is non-environmentally friendly, whereas the sandblasting medium is aluminium oxide, which is totally inert.

Are these bottles painted glass or real blue glass?

  • These blue glass water bottles are the real deal! They come from Italy and are only made a few times a year when the “blue campaign” happens there.  The blue color is through and through and will never fade or chip away. You may find other glass bottles in a variety of colours and very inexpensive, and they even have flip top lids. Almost always, these bottles are actually painted to achieve the color! We admit, they are pretty, but not ideal for drinking as the paint usually chips off around the mouthpiece if you drink out of the bottle. This issue does not seem like a healthy way to drink your water. Also, painted glass would not be able to look so nice if it were sandblasted. The paint would chip around the design and the glass would be clear where the bottle is sandblasted.

What is the cap made of?

  • Our custom cap is made of BPA-free Polypropylene and the seal is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer. Porcelain caps are available from China, but we have chosen NOT to use those as we cannot guarantee the quality of the finish. We also found some in Europe, but the quality was not ideal. We also discovered that using porcelain caps can be very noisy and “clangy” when opening and closing the bottles.

How do you clean the bottles?

  • First of all, please rinse your bottle before first time use. After first time use, it is a good idea to clean them regularly using either grapefruit seed extract, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly. It is recommended to clean about 1x per month or so. They can also be put into the dishwasher if desired, although you may wind up with a soapy taste. Also, if you do so, be sure to remove the cap before putting bottle into dishwasher.  The sandblasted design is permanent and will never wash away. We do recommend that you use these bottles for carrying water, as the high vibrations will have the most immediate and powerful effect on water, instead of other liquids.

How do you open the cap?

  • The idea is to push or pull the two bent-wire connections found on each side of the cap away from the bottle. The easiest way is to either pull with thumb and forefinger, creating a leverage with the base of forefinger against the bottle or you can push them with your two thumbs. Do NOT try to pry open the wire that is tightly clasped to the bottle–this can result in broken fingernails and discomfort to the finger. A little practice and you will be opening these bottles easily with one hand! 

How do I clean my cap?

  • The easiest time to clean the cap is when you are cleaning the bottle. Fill bottle with your chosen cleaning solution, and when rinsing out, allow solution to pour over the inside of the cap and also clean with your finger or a sponge. We recommend Grapefruit Seed Extract, White Vinegar, or Hydrogen Peroxide. This is an important step in maintaining the cleanliness of your bottle. Mold can build up on the blue liner if you are not paying attention. These bottles are here to bring more awareness to your water habits and honouring your water. Keeping all parts clean is an important part of this honouring. You can clean your bottle in the dishwasher, but it is best to remove the cap before putting it into the dishwasher.

Can I put my blue bottle in the freezer?

  • No!! Please do not put it in the freezer as it will crack! Water expands as it freezes. You can cool off your Solar Blue Water in the refrigerator with no problem. Of course if you are very attentive and possibly you have a timer to remind yourself, then you can do so successfully, but we do not recommend this. On that same note…leaving your bottle in a car or outside when the weather drops below freezing will have the same effect, if you live in a cold climate, because of the water expansion! So please pay attention to the your bottle and the weather to make sure your blue bottle of water is safe from freezing temperatures.

Can I leave the blue bottle in the car on a hot day? 

  • Yes! The water might get warm, but otherwise, you do not need to worry about the leaching of harmful toxins into your water as you would with plastic bottles. Also, we have heard of stories with clear glass bottles of water actually creating a fire in the car when the sunlight passes through them, much like a magnifying glass could cause a fire.  This will not happen with the blue glass, but you will be able to Solarize your water to make Blue  Solar Water. We have experienced leaving water in the bottle for several weeks in the car, with temperatures ranging from hot to cold, and the water still tastes sweet and amazing!

How do you ship the bottles and will they break in transit?

  • The bottles are shipped via DHL or via DPD, depending on from which country you order. If you purchase just one bottle, it will come in a recycled content cardboard box made to perfectly fit that bottle without any extra padding. Our bottles are so thick and durable, that we feel confident to ship them this way. If they are mishandled and broken by the shipping service, then we will file a claim and replace your bottle right away. Whenever possible, we reuse the boxes that come into our warehouse. 

    For store orders, the bottles are shipped with two inner boxes holding 12 bottles/case which are then inserted into an outer box for added protection. We want the bottles to arrive to you intact, at the lowest price possible. We are doing our best to make this happen. Blue Bottle Love bottles are so thick and durable, it is extremely rare that a bottle breaks. The glass is at least 3.18mm throughout and in some places almost 6.35mm thick! In the event that your bottle/s breaks in transit, we will happily replace. In order to process a claim, please submit evidence with a photo via email eu-support@bluebottle.love and save the packing material until the claim is resolved.

Do the bottles contain lead or cobalt which will leach into my water?

  • All colored glass in the bottling industry is made with some amount of lead.  These bottles are made using reclaimed glass which would indicate that there will be evidence of lead in it, but you could only be affected if you were to grind the bottles down to a fine powder and ingest it. These bottles  have been designed as food grade containers, so they cannot and do not leach lead or cobalt. These bottles have gone through rigorous testing using acetic acid to designed to actually draw out any elements present in the composition of the glass. The acetic extracts are then analyzed by atomic absorption spectrometry. The week-long test results have shown that any amounts of lead or cobalt are well below the minimum allowed levels. From these tests, we can be sure that no harmful amounts of lead or cobalt will leach into your water. In general, glass is inert and does not leech. Glass is undoubtedly the safest container to use to store food and water and beverages.

Can I leave my blue glass bottle in the car or outside when the weather is freezing?

  • Definitely not please!  Even with a little bit of water in the bottle, your bottle can crack from the pressure of expanded frozen water. These bottles can withstand many falls from high places, but for some reason, the power from the pressure of expanded water that freezes is too much for these bottles and for any other glass.

How do you make blue solar water and how long does it take to make it?

  • Making Blue Solar Water is easy. Just fill your Blue Bottle Love blue glass water bottle with the best quality water you have access to. Your water will be super happy to be held in Blue Glass right away, but to have a more powerful effect, you can leave your filled bottle in direct sunlight for 30 minutes to 1 hour to super charge your water with the information from the sun. Otherwise, if you want to leave it longer, then leave it in indirect sunlight for 1-12 hours for a more potent effect. You can also leave it out in the Full Moon Light for Lunar Blue Water! The cool night time temperature is also wonderful for your water, and a great way to cool down your water from a full day of making Blue Solar Water. Be sure that the temperatures do not dip below freezing if you plan to leave your bottle outside. If you would like to cool off your water, be sure to only use the refrigerator and not the freezer for the longest life span of your blue glass bottle. Water expands when frozen, and like all other glass, these bottles too can break under the pressure of frozen water!

What if the sun is not shining where I live? How do I make blue solar water?

  • Even on a cloudy day, it is still light out. As we all know, the sun is still there behind the clouds and solar light comes through. Of course it is ideal to have full sunshine to get the full spectrum of solar energy information… but the light from the sun behind the clouds will still be helping your water to clear frequencies and recognize and remember its beautiful BLUE primordial essence! Your water will return to Zero Point frequency the longer you leave the water in this Blue Glass Water Bottle. The Blue Glass also helps to keep the water fresh and clean tasting for a good long time!

Can I transfer my blue solar water into another water container to keep it cool during the day?

  • Yes, it is fine to put your Blue Solar Charged Water into another container to use on the go. Many people like to carry Blue Bottle Love wherever they go and the bottles are quite durable. Unless you have a cooler though, the water may become quite warm on a hot day. Transferring Blue Bottle Love water to an insulated bottle to keep it cool, will work great. Once the water is charged up with the sunlight and blue glass plus the powerful intention, your water is good to go. Be careful though what kind of symbols are on your other water vessel and be sure to send positive thoughts and vibrations to your water!

Can I take my blue bottle love as a carryon when traveling by airplane?

  • Yes!! Most countries will allow you to travel with an empty glass water bottle through security. Once inside the airport, you can fill up your bottle with the best water source you can find within the airport. This could be at a coffee shop that offers filtered water, buying a plastic bottle of water and transferring it to your bottle to help clear the frequencies, or there may be filtered water fountains in the airport! Be aware though, traveling from the Philippines, unfortunately they will confiscate your empty glass bottle at security. We have not heard of any other locations where this will happen.